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Production Area, Infrastructure


Pylon-94 Ltd. owns the below detailed infrastructures production areas and plants.

Open warehouse

1500 m2

12,5 t, H=6 m travelling crane ans 5 t H=6 m gantry crane

Pre-fabrication plant
2480 m2

Shot-blasting- / Cutting- / Welding preparation workshop:

12,5 t, 10 t, 5 t, 3,2 t   H=6 m travelling crane,

 5 pc. 1 t console crane

Locksmith and welding plant I.

2 boat
3456 m2


1. boat: 12,5 t/ 10 t/ 5 t travelling crane

2. boat: 20 t/ 10 t/ 5 t travelling crane,

 H=8m hoock hight and 18 pc. 1t  console crane

Locksmith and welding plant II.

576 m2


1 pc. 5t t H= 5m travelling crane and, 7 pcs. 1 t console crane

 Locksmith and Boom production plant

1728 m2

3 pcs. 10t, H=6 m travelling crane,

and 4 pcs. 1t column crane

Machining plant

864 m2

3 pcs 3,2 t, H=5 m travelling crane

Surcface treatment and assembling plant

1584 m2

2 pcs. 12,5 t,  H = 5m travelling crane and 3 pcs. 1t console crane

Central gas station


Mixed gas, oxigen, CO2, argon

Railway conncetion


Centrall pressured air supply


Atlas Copco 7,5 bar