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The history of Pylon-94 Ltd.


1964: A Mechanical Engineering Company was founded in Zalaegerszeg. The main profile of the company lay in the production of conveyer belts and roller-tracks.

1975-89: The company known as Conveyer Machines' Works became an associate enterprise in Hungarian Aluminium Industry Trust by the name Machine Factory of Aluminium Processing Industry (ALUGÉP). At this time the craned halls were erected in which a machine production technology and capacity answering the needs of the industrial branch were created. In the new works opportunity presented itself for the production of aluminium electrolysing furnaces, casting ladles and other metallurgical special custom designed machines.

1989-94: ALUGÉP was among the first factories in Hungary which obtained a qualification extended to the welding of fine-grained high-solidity steel according to DIN 18 800. In this time the company also produces steel structures for Western European export which include the pylons of a highway bridge in Germany.


History of Pylon-94 Ltd since the foundation

1994: Pylon-94 Ltd. was founded by experts who withdrew from the management of ALUGÉP what was operated from 1964.

1996: Company got welding certificate DIN 18800 (SLV) .

1997: Since this year Pylon-94 Ltd. works based on audited ISO 9002 quality management system..

1998: In this year was finished the construction of a cutting hall of 1300 m2 size, as well as that of a surface treatment and fitter hall of 1600 m2. From this time on the extended technological possibilities have enabled Pylon-94 Ltd. to produce complete machinery in the company's own factories.

1999: The GSI/SLV certificate extended for welding of steel with 1100 N/mm2  yield point.

2005: The machining capacity increased with CNC controlled boring machines. Due to a technology transfer production of telescope-boom implemented. Special welding and levelling machine are installed in production. New workshop build for production of telescope-boom.

2008: Pylon-94 Ltd. has a welding certificate for 1300N/mm2 yield point steel.

2009: The efficiency of production is significantly grown up due to Lean methods implementation. In this year start operation of welding robot and new office is built.

2009: Since this year Pylon-94 Ltd. works based on audited ISO 14001 environmental management system.

2011: Pylon-94 Ltd. extend warehouse, cutting and pre-fabrication hall area and totally working on more than 12.000 m2.